It’s About Time

It looks like I set this blog up on June 6 and here it has sat, un-posted, un-updated, unread. I debated all summer how to go about keeping two blogs going when I can barely keep up with one. And really, how narcissistic am I to think that I have enough to say that will keep people reading two blogs? I looked at my first blog and realized that what inspired it has kind of fallen away. My design work has slipped off the radar. I do some collage art but the bulk of the blog is focused on writing and reading. So I may find myself maintaining two blogs or I may not. What finally got me to this new blog is the idea that I could let the other one fall away if needed.

Earlier this summer I re-focused my blog, trying to breathe some new life into it.While I am still intrigued by the process of living a balanced, creative life, my true passion lies with writing and reading.  It’s how I spend much of my day. And these days, writers need a platform, so welcome to phase one of my writer’s platform. You can read the “About” page to see how I got to this point. From here on out I see this blog as a space to record and reflect on my journey down this writing path. I’ll share the ups and downs of my daily writing practice; classes or retreats I attend; mentors and guides I meet along the way; books I read; books I’ve read; the rollercoaster that is the submission process; quotes that inspire me; prompts that get me writing and some of it I will make up as I go along. I imagine this as a salon of sorts. A place where writers and readers can meet and mingle in cyberspace.

So, welcome. Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a mug of cocoa and join me on this day to day journey of creating a writing life.