Salon Saturday

What Kind of Writer Am I? What Do I Love to Write?

These questions come from “Juicy Pens, thirsty paper” by Sark which I highly recommend.

I am a fiction kind of  writer. A journal writer. A blog writer. A crwative non-fiction writer. A stream-of-consciousness writer. I write first thing in the morning. I write in the middle of the afternoon. I write at night. There’s a different energy at night and I like that.

I’m the the self-taught kind of writer. Although aren’t we all? Even those lucky enough to attend an MFA program still have to do the work themselves, alone, at their desks.  I have taught myself to write through writing and reading and attending classes and workshops and then more writing and reading. I have had wonderful teachers over the years but my best teachers are my stories. I learn something new from each one.

I love to write stories. Some are flash, some are long and almost novel-esque.

I often naturally write about adolescent girls. Their lives are rich and complicated dn provide great material for stories.

I am a great first draft writer. I love spilling that first draft onto the page. It’s harder for me to go back in and see what I ‘ve got and make sense out of it. It’s often frustrating in the same way that those 3-D hidden pictures are. I stare and stare at them and can never see the 3-D image. I usually end up tossing the book across the room. Well, with a first draft I often find myself reading it and reading it, trying to land on the arc of the story but it eludes me. I try not to throw the notebook or computer across the room. Often it takes time away from it or a fresh pair of eyes to see what I miss which is why I always try to part of an amazing writer’s group. They are invaluable.

I don’t always love to write but I alway love having written. Writing anything is always better than nothing.

How about you? What kind of writer are you? What do you love to write? I’d love to hear from you. Share a link or your thoughts in the comments.


One thought on “Salon Saturday

  1. Oh, this is a great post – and a useful exercise in thinking through what kind of writing you do, in all it’s different forms. I both enjoyed and learned from this – and will probably use it as an exercise, either for my journal or my blog.

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