Salon Saturday- Love

So much of my time is spent in a somewhat adversarial stance with my writing. I want to write but don’t. Or I don’t write “enough”. Or I am not published in the “right” places. Or I get stuck and avoid my writing by doing anything other than face that page.

It didn’t start out that way. It started because I fell in love with reading and somewhere along the way I fell in love with creating my own stories. Then a little further down the road I got in the way of myself. I started judging my writing and my so-called lack of credentials for writing. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow I’m going to focus on what I love about writing and reading and creating.

I love:

– the sound of my pen flying across the page.

– being cocooned in my office with a cinnamon candle glowing in front of me, the space heater warming my feet and a cup of soy chai to sip.

– hitting upon that perfect sentence or verb or image or telling detail that reveals so much.

– discovering something new about my characters or story.

– going to writing retreats and immersing myself for a week in the writing life.

– reading books I love and underling lines I wish I had written and instead of feeling despair I feel inspired.

– freewriting. It’s so, well, freeing. It’s playing with words. I think I often forget that element of play and end up taking myself way too seriously.

– going to the coffee shop to write and eavesdrop and mingle with the world,

– going to readings of authors I adore and picking their brains.

– showing up to a story with little to no expectations and being surprised by the progress I’ve made by the end of a writing session.

– finally stumbling upon the inevitable ending to a story.

– finishing a story even if takes thirty revisions to get to “the end”.

– seeing my byline- I’m not gonna lie- that feels good.

– reading how other writers maintain, nurture and sustain a writing life.

How about you? What do you love about writing?

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