Link Love

1. The eternal question: Do you really need an MFA?

2. George Saunders remembers his first lit journal acceptance.

3. Social media has the danger of becoming a black hole for your time and attention. Read this to get some guidance on how not to let it overwhelm you ( and your work-in-progress).

4. Writing for the money.

5. Is writing a joy or a chore?


One thought on “Link Love

  1. thanks for the links! I am seriously rethinking my writing life and as I do I am coming to the realization that social media is ruining it! I am planning a return to the way I used to practice my crafts (I include acting, here ) – with other people in real life, mail corresponance, the pen, the paper, and me. Enough with so much noise from the tv, twitter, and awkward online positioning! I may write a manifesto, soon!

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