The Beauty of Showing Up

So it’s been almost six full months since I resolved to show up to my work every single day for at least five minutes, minimum. I am happy, no thrilled, to report that I have actually done what I said I wanted to do. Boy, is that an amazing feeling. So amazing that I find it hard to understand why I don’t always do that, since failing to follow through leaves me feeling the exact opposite of thrilled with myself and even lures in a bit of shame and disappointment as well.

Most days I write for much longer than five minutes but the five minutes came in handy when I had family in town for almost two weeks. i didn’t miss a single day of writing which is quite an accomplishment. Obviously I didn’t get a lot of words down but I did manage to stay connected to my story and to my characters which is half the battle.

After I was back to my normal routine, the five minute minimum helped ease me back into my work routine. It also helped get me some traction on my current story. I’d show up but felt like the story could go in so many different directions that I ended up going nowhere. True to my resolution, I continued to just show up and today, finally, the story has momentum again. It may end up being the wrong direction, but for now it’s moving, I am writing and am eager to do more than merely show up and put in my five minutes tomorrow and instead of dreading not knowing what happens next, I am looking forward to discover what happens next.


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