Creating Space

So I’ve been on this de-cluttering binge. First my closet, then my husband’s. I thinned out my bookshelves then gathered up piles of magazines and journals for recycling. My desk is clean. Files organized. And now this blog has a new, clean look. Streamlined. I am creating space for my writing, my creativity, my life. Everything was feeling too cramped which meant nothing was able to flourish. I am still writing every day. Every. Single. Day. This is an amazing feat for me.

Once school starts and I have my days back, I plan on getting this blog onto some kind of schedule. Maybe assign topics to different days of the week. Start a file of blog posts to draw from so I am not starting from scratch each time I sit down to post. Upcoming topics that are tumbling around in my head? The revision process; creating a writing community; the lure of back-to-school fever in the fall; submitting my work; to take yet another writing class or not; getting rid of many of my writing books. Okay- that should keep me busy for awhile.

So stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of what summer has to offer. And take some time to create space in your life for what you want to flourish.