TAW- Week 2

I had kind of an odd week creatively. With all this glorious Fall weather I let things fall away for the week and enjoyed being outdoors much of the time. I did morning pages every day. I tried to go to this cute new vintage shop twice and twice it was unexpectedly closed due to construction problems. So my artist date was kind of lame. I went to Borders and had an iced soy green tea latte, browsed a bunch of magazines, read some poetry and wrote. I only label that as lame because that is something I tend to do on a semi-regular basis and I think artist dates should be expanding my horizons. Which I am doing this week. Already have a couple (new) things lined up. Stay tuned.

This week I noticed that the impatient, prissy voice in my head tapped her foot all week, waiting for me to once again fail to follow through on a project, this time, meaning TAW. I also realized one of my hangups with affirmations. They remind me of the angst I used to feel with birthday wishes. Like so much depended on this one wish, or affirmation. If I use one particluar affirmation does that negate the possiblity of changing another part of my life? Pressure to use the affirmation power for the “right” thing. Illoigical and possibly irrational, but still… it’s there.

I’ve always enjoyed Week 3 tasks so I am looking forward to that. However, I am experiencing a bit of apprehension knowing that the no-reading week is just around the corner. Reading is like breathing to me. I do see how I often hide behind books and realize that a break can be enlightening as weel as energizing. Still, I’ve altered my reading this week so that I can finish a library book before it’s due since it’s due the week that reading is not allowed.

3 thoughts on “TAW- Week 2

  1. OMG! I forgot about the no reading week. Good thing I finished the book I was reading this week. I did want to start a new one, but it can wait. I usually fail at this exercise. But I make the attempt each time. And I’ll try it again this time around.

    Interesting things you’re noticing, Kim. Your impatient, prissy voice. Love that. And I hear you about the Artist Date and calling it lame. I’ve done that many a time. Do try to expand those horizons this week. It’ll be fun, especially if that vintage clothing store actually OPENS. I love vintage clothing shops. I wrote a story this past summer on where you can find Bohemia in Phoenix, and I focused on the Melrose District on 7th Street, near Indian School Road, if that was around when you were in Phoenix. I visited antique stores, vintage clothing shops, some craft shops and a few cafes. So much fun! I indulged so much it fueled my creativity for two months!

    Thanks for posting your link.

    • Jackie- I think I did visit that area when we first moved there. Mark met someone and we checked out her very cool store for Halloween costumes. I’m trying to finish the library book I have but I just got a notice that the book I requested, “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen, came in. They’ll hold in for seven days so I’m thinking I can wait until the end of the no reading week to pick it up. Reading/no reading logistics:)

  2. No reading…why? WHY? I am not familiar with the artist’s way but why for the love of god no reading?
    This is what I know about myself: if I don’t read or write I will watch tv – not take up painting or woodworking or redecorating a room -I will just watch tv. So might as well read and write, both of which I love more, anyway.

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