TAW- Week 3

So this week was about power. Hmmm… didn’t feel it.  I usually enjoy the tasks for this week but not so much this time around. The one task I found interesting was unearthing the traits I admire in others. I really admire people who take risks and that is something I don’t feel that I do. I don’t want to say I “should” risk more. Trying to stay away from that particular “s” word. But I want to take more risks. Not even sure what that means to me. Something to explore in morning pages, perhaps.

Morning Pages

Did them every day. But kind of half-heartedly. Sometimes they were night pages. Today it actually took me three separate sittings to finish three pages adn two pens ran out of ink in the process. And I understand it is about the process less than the product when it comes to morning pages. But this week they felt especially tedious, the act of writing them as well as what I wrote. I find it curious that I started Week 1 feeling that my pages were deep and introspective and a mere two weeks later they feel trite and a waste of a tree’s sacrifice.

Artist Date

I actually had two this week. I tried a Zumba class which is Latin dance. When my neighbor invited me, my first reaction was a resounding “No”. But then I remembered my desire to take more risks so I said yes. It was fun. I’ve always had a complex about my dancing so this was a risk, one that paid off.

I also went to a little nearby town and browsed some lovely stores. One specializes in home decor and they do unusual things which I loved. For instance, they ripped the covers off of paperbacks then tied them with white twine and a couple buttons and arranged them in a big bowl. It was just unexpected. Then I wandered next door to a gallery that repesents only local artists. One of them, a photographer, was there arranging her work.  I went upstairs and became enamoured with these masks. I kept going back to one and finally decided to treat myself. It is titled “Eve” but she reminds me of a Muse and now she hangs above my writing desk, watching over me, inspiring me.


One thought on “TAW- Week 3

  1. Love that you bought this work of art. It’s a gift in more than one way.

    I’m like that about art. I don’t buy just because it’s pretty. It has to speak to me in some way, and the only way I know that is I keep coming back to it. I learned this lesson when I was working on a Mexican folk art story years ago. I ran across this really unique, funny totem pole lamp. It looked like adobe, in that orange-toned color. On the totem were bas reliefs of little naked Mexican men of that same orange color. They only stuck out because of their black-haired heads and their position on the lamp. They ran up and down the entire pole, rightside up, upside down, front facing out, back facing out, arms and feet outstretched. It was the funniest looking lamp ever. I wanted it then but thought, “No, no, it’s too silly.” To this day, I regret not buying it. I think of it all the time when I am in the neighborhood where that store once was. And think of what a conversation piece it would have been. Maybe some day I’ll see it again.

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