TAW Week #4

So,  this post is a week late since I was experiencing a kind of creative malaise. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. I am beginning to accept that lulls are just part of my process. So week 4…

Morning pages: Check. Some were done well past morning but they got written. Nothing especially revelatory.

Artist Date: Check. I went to Fashion in Detroit with my daughter and we saw five shows from swimwear and handbags to wedding gowns to men’s shirts paired with leggings. Quite inspiring to see the desgns, models, make-up, hair and accessories. I know that technically I am supposed to go on the Artist’s Date alone but I spend so much of my day alone that I am okay with breaking the rule. Speaking of breaking rules…

Reading Deprivation: Um, not so much. I went into it with a bad attitude. I’ve done it before but this time I was downright antagonistic about it. Who is she to tell me I can’t read? There are so many worse things I could be doing. And on and on. I lasted about three days and I was okay with that. I am such a rule follower. Such a good girl. So deliberately not following her advice left me feeling kind of rebellious. Not reading… yeah I know, what a rebel.

Tasks:  I hade begun clearing space out before I started TAW. But there may be more I cna let go of. I remember writing a letter to myself now from my eighty year old self and loving it. I read it and thought, that’s who I want to be when I grow up. I’d like to find it and compare it to the one I wrote last week. One thing I know is similar is that eighty-year-old me is quite wise.

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