TAW- Week #5

Morning pages: six out of seven days. I don’t think I hit that half page truth point yet on any kind of regular basis. I do find that if I don’t do the pages first thing in the morning, when I hit that half page point I totally lose steam. If I write first  the pages (and time) fly by.

Artist date: I went to an art show at the local library. Interesting bronze sculptures and lovely gouache/watercolors paintings. I feel like I don’t put much thought or effort into these excursions and they definitely haven’t felt adventurous, except for the fashion show. I have some plans for later this month. We’ll see how they pan out.

Getting an MFA in creative writing came up on two of my lists this week. What I would do if I had money at 20 and at 65. The best writing retreat I went on was with Ron Carlson at the Kenyon Writer’s Workshop, which they call a bootcamp for writers. For a week I was completely immersed in the art and craft of writing. Generating about a dozen new stories; sitting in the library late at night finishing up an assignment; listening the writing of my peers; talking about books and the writing process; being surrounded by people who get it. All  without the responsibility of my daily life. We went to college night this past week for our daughter and I loved all the possibilities spread out for her. I’ve always enjoyed school. I’m good at it. But our priority is getting them through college at this point. If we ever win the lottery, then maybe it’ll be my turn. In the meantime I am trying to think of ways to implement my own personal MFA program with reading lists, writing texts, assignments, my writing group, etc… a way to immerse myself within the structure of my daily life instead of apart from it.


2 thoughts on “TAW- Week #5

  1. I love how you are looking at ways to implement your own personal MFA program. I wonder if you could consider taking one class. Just one. A graduate level class related to writing in some way, whatever class that seems most appealing. I wonder if you could consider taking one class at a time. Just a thought to consider. I think TAW might help you figure out how your dream might be possible and the map out the way it can happen. This is where we’re at right now, looking at possibility and abundance. Yes, our kids matter. But we matter as well. So I love how you’re looking at taking the time to consider your needs as well, to see how they fit in the big picture. If an MFA matters to you, then I hope you’ll figure out a way to make that happen. Even if it is one class at a time.

    Or just write. You don’t have to have an MFA to write and sell fiction. Maybe you just need to give yourself permission to write. You are good. I’ve read your work. I was there with you at Kenyon. Believe in you as others do, including your higher power.


  2. Jackie- the whole abundance thing this week has been interesting. I’ll write more next week. I know I don’t need the MFA, I just love that whole atmosphere, being immersed in writing. And, honestly, experiencing that is easier for me within a classroom setting rather than being left to my own (easily distractable) devices. But I also know that all students need to find a way to structure a writing life outside the classroom, within their daily life so that’s what I think I’ll focus on for now. Thanks for the kind words. Funny, I actually didn’t think it was a confidence thing or believing in myself thing, but now I think that is exactly what it is. Something that I am sure TAW can help me with.

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