TAW Week 6

Week 6 focused on abundance and did that issue ever come up and hit me in the face. The reality of college looming right around the corner is a big one right now. Plus the holidays. And our car broke so we had to decide whether to put more money into it or finally get a new (used) one. Opted for the latter. And while I was slightly stressed, mostly I had this feeling of calm that it would work out. It usually does. When my computer was very very sick a new one practically fell into our laps. Well, this time, a great deal on a great car fell into our laps. But that’s not exactly true. It only happened (in both instances) because my husband is out there in the world constantly meeting people and making connections. So when we are in need of something he usually knows of somebody who can help. And that is because he is always available and willing to help others. Karma, baby.

Regarding the exercises… I noticed that some of my beliefs have endured over the years, almost verbatim, while others have changed. I also gained some insight into why I find it hard to ask for help, whether it is monetary or not, so that was interesting.

Morning pages: still doing them. some days are quite thoughtful and reflective. Others are rather shallow and whiney and I am learning to be okay with that.

Artist date: Went to a great local art show called Two Chicks and an Art Show. One was mixed media and one was fine art. Loved both and even bought a piece for our living room. It’ s a cool box in wonderful colors. I’ll have to post a photo.


One thought on “TAW Week 6

  1. Are you seeing any strength in the way you feel about opening up to your Artist self? I think that’s something I’d like to see you focus on this next week, when you look at Recovering a Sense of Connection. It seems to me as if you are growing closer to that person who wants to create and will. Loved your office painting job, too! That’s a real sign of growth, doing something that big for yourself. The last time I read TAW, I painted my office as well, Choosing a sage green and a sky blue, I did the half and half thing.

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