TAW Week 7

Connection- That was the theme of this week. I found myself re-connecting with my creativity. I painted my office the most vibrant turquoise color with an accent wall in poppy. I hung curtains (technically shower curtains) but they are beautiful and provided my color palette. This was the last room in the house that needed to be painted besides the upsstairs hallway. It is now offically my favorite room. We moved some furnitue around and really opened up the space. Even my husband (who totally dropped everything to help me) says he wanders into that room just to look at it. Another dear friend that it looks like me. It definitely has a good energy. Besides painting an entire room, I took a break and collaged a card/wall hanging for my daugthter’s seventeenth birthday which she loved. I saw she actually hung it up in her room. And now I am in teh middle of creating a 24″ x 24″ mixed media painting to go on the newly painted poppy-colored wall. I want it to be layered and textured so I am challenging myself to go beyond what I would normally do. To try and “ruin” the canvas. Even if I hate it I can just gesso over it and begin again. That will certainly add layers to it.

In the writing department, I did mornign pages everyday. I also picked up Judy Reeves’ revised “Writer’s Book of Days”. My old copy has been well-used over the years. The new edition has brand new prompts for everyday of the year so I’ve been allowing myself to play with writing practice again. Sometimes it ends up relating to a story I am already working on. Other times it stirs up something brand new. I also started a brand new story. It seems to be a novel. Kind of fantasy for adults regarding a “Muse”.

For my Artist Date this week I went to the movies by myself. I’ve often done this over the years but had done it in awhile. Some women I’ve talked to admit that they could never go to a movie alone. Me, I find it relaxing. A true escape. Oh, I saw “Morning Glory”. Cute and funny.

One thing I’ve noticed with all this creativity spilling out of me lately, is the necessity of these Artist Dates. She’s right, we absolutely need to fill the well on a regular basis.

The Jealousy Maps didn’t reveal anyting I didn’t already know. But I love the spin she puts on it. Makes me feel less “yucky” when that green monster shows up. More proactive. I actually didn’t do many of the tasks this week. Created a wonderful smell with a pot of homemade vegetable soup simmering in the crockpot all day while we painted. I’d like to buy myself one wonderfully comforting, self-loving soemthing- just haven’t identified it yet. Although I didn’t make a collage this week, I’ve done them before and some hang on the closet doors in my office. I often do a collage on New Year’s day (along with my daughters). A kind of vision board for what I want the new year to bring.


2 thoughts on “TAW Week 7

  1. Love the idea of a collage as vision board. I forgot about the exercise that gives me permission to buy something wonderfully, self-loving. I don’t know what it would be either, except I could really use a new shower robe. The one I have is really old and ragged, but I love it. If I can find one that’s similar, that’s what I’d buy. Maybe I’ll go look for that tomorrow.

    It really seems like TAW is kicking in for you! Thanks for checking in today. Sorry I was late. Good reason, though. See you on FB. I’m so glad we’ve reconnected. How’s that for more serendipity?!

  2. I have absolutely no problem going to the movies by myself – in most instances I actually prefer it that way. Saw Morning Glory as well – laughed quite a bit. Your room sounds BEAUTIFUL. I plan to paint our guest bedroom turquoise.

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