TAW Week 9

This chapter really resonated with me, from the very first paragraph on. I call myself lazy on a regular basis. For years I have done this. I never considered myself a perfectionist but now I wonder. Over the last couple of years I have said things or wrote things that made people tell me that I am much too hard on myself. I am? Was I? I realized I was. So this chapter on recovering a sense of compassion was much needed. Since I’ve been meditating on a fairly regular basis (meaning about five times a week) I’ve noticed a gentler, more compassionate voice within me that can, at times, drown out the mean, judgey, I never do enough voice that usually gets all the airtime.

I especially loved Cameron’s distinction between discipline and enthusiasm. And throughout the week I stumbled across several quotes that reiterated her point which I will take as gifts of synchronicity.

I don’t think I did an Artist’s date last week. Now I can’t remember. But with the holidays and company coming in, I plan on showing myself more than a little compassion. Did Morning Pages all but one day and that day I consciously chose not to write them which is much different than just avoiding them  and letting the day get away from me. It reminded me of something Ron Carlson has said, that you need to decide is it a writing day or a not writing day? Choose one or the other. It’s the maybe days that will kill you.

One thought on “TAW Week 9

  1. OMG! I love the Ron Carlson comment. Maybe days. I have a decision I need to make today that fits this. I need to decide what to do, and not let myself stay in the middle. The middle isn’t good for me. I need to decide. Thanks for this lesson. It is so appreciated!

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