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• Can making a love list make you a happy writer?

•  Reading this made me remember why I love workshops, too.

Peruse to procrastinate and even get a chuckle out of it. Win/win!

• Yet another reason to write.

• An interview with Audrey Niffenegger.

Quotable Tuesday

“However, those that do buy and read literary short fiction are among the best and brightest readers we have. They’re willing to take risks, to invest their attention and emotions; that’s exactly the kind of reader I want.”

– Bret Anthony Johnston

Goals/Intentions for week of 1.24.11

• Work on my story for an hour at least three days this week.

• Maintain scheduled blog postings.

• Gather blog info to post while I am on vacation.

• Read two stories that I think will help me with my current story.

• Get out my copy of “The Way of Story” because I found a note from November that said to do so.

• Comment on three blogs this week.

• Send a story to a friend who agreed to give me a fresh perspective on it.

• Catch up on book reflections.

• Create timeline of novel-in-stories project so that I know her age and year in each story.


revise story workshopped at writing group over the weekend – Done

create a Lexicon (word book) from “The Writer’s Portable Mentor” by Priscilla Long– Didn’t get to this but I found a notebook to use. Move it to next week. I am positive I will find this to be an incredibly valuable tool once I get started.

comment on at least five blogs– Hmmm… not five. Will do better next week.

maintain scheduled blog postings– Done.

work on next story in my collection– Have been doing this. Figured out that I need to make a timeline of her age and the year in each story because I think something is off.

research five journals to submit to next month – Found three. Will find two more next week.

1.17.11- Intentions/Goals

• revise story workshopped at writing group over the weekend

• create a Lexicon (word book) from “The Writer’s Portable Mentor” by Priscilla Long

• comment on at least five blogs

• maintain scheduled blog postings

• work on next story in my collection

• research five journals to submit to next month

Salon Saturday

A wonderful writing friend recently posted about her decision to start anew with her writing. She boxed up a decade’s worth of essays, stories, novels, thanked them for what they had taught her and is now looking ahead. That’s it, I thought. That is exactly what I need to do. That must be why I am so stuck and in between projects right now. (Did I mention that I am highly suggestible?) I need to start anew. I could already imagine the feeling of joy and freedom this would bring. Having stories hanging around for, what can sometimes be years, can be daunting. Besides it’s the beginning of a new year and I’ve been clearing out every closet and drawer in our house, why not my writing? I had so many reasons why this was what I had to do. But I couldn’t seem to let them go. I found the inside jacket copy of the novel I wrote as an exercise and as I read it I found myself thinking, “This is exactly the kind of novel I would buy for myself.” There was this little spark of something. Curiosity? Excitement? It was a flicker of something and I am learning to trust that. It means the story isn’t done with me yet, nor I with it. Then I went to my writing group where we workshopped a story that is part of a project that I was considering letting go of. The writers in my group are amazing. They make me feel like I am a thousand percent more talented than I ever believe myself to be. As they discussed the story, the characters started coming alive again. That flicker of excitement was there. Okay, okay, we’re not done with each other either. I get it. So, now I have a project to focus on. Revisions to make, new stories to write, stories to submit and no longer feel like I am floundering.

How about you? Do you ever let stories go? How do you know it’s time? How can you tell when a story has taught you all it can and it’s time to move on?



So, this week I planned to:

• continue to write each day- Did this but still feel like I’m just showing up,not really engaged yet. But showing up is better than not at all.

• follow this blog schedule- This worked. I work really well with lists.And public accountability.

• set-up a notebook to keep track of ideas for blog– Done.

• find and comment on five new blogs- Hmmm, maybe four. But that’s progress.

• take time to go through the three big projects I have going and try to figure out where I stand with each– In the process of doing this. I found the most recents drafts (not an easy task) of one project plus notes from my writing group. Two more to go. And let’s not even talk about the jillion drafts of the jillion stories cluttering my computer and do not seem to be organized in any kind of coherent manner. Well, maybe not a jillion, but close.

• write up book reflections as I finish each book instead of waiting until end of the month– Done. Wrote three this week.

Not a bad week. I’ll feel better once I settle on a project and then devote myself to it until it is done. Devotion… isn’t that a much more pleasant word than discipline? Hmmm… could be a future post.