Weekly Intentions/Goals

Even though I have been writing every day, I feel like I am seriously floundering, unable to really focus on one particular project. While writing daily for at least fifteen minutes helps me to show up, I’ve been waiting until late in the day and giving it the bare minimum of my attention. Then there’s the fact that some of my stories have been around for years. I’m trying to figure out if I still have passion and energy for them, if I can rewrite them and bring them to the next level or if they are what they are, I learned what I needed and now it’s time to move on. Still not sure how to figure that out.

Speaking of floundering, this blog has been a victim of that for awhile and I’ve been wanting to set up a schedule to follow. So, here it is:

Monday: Weekly Intentions/Goals

Tuesday: Creative Quote (from a writer/artist that illuminates the creative process)

Wednesday: Inspire, Inform, Indulge (Links to share)

Thursday: Three Things (three observations I make during the week, grounded in the senses without opinion or judgements)

Friday: Weekly Progress

Saturday: Salon Saturday (reflecting on an issue I am currently struggling with in my creative life and inviting you to join the blog-versation)

Intentions/Goals for this week:

• continue to write each day

• follow this blog schedule

• set-up a notebook to keep track of ideas for blog

• find and comment on five new blogs

• take time to go through the three big projects I have going and try to figure out where I stand with each

• write up book reflections as I finish each book instead of waiting until end of the month



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