So, this week I planned to:

• continue to write each day- Did this but still feel like I’m just showing up,not really engaged yet. But showing up is better than not at all.

• follow this blog schedule- This worked. I work really well with lists.And public accountability.

• set-up a notebook to keep track of ideas for blog– Done.

• find and comment on five new blogs- Hmmm, maybe four. But that’s progress.

• take time to go through the three big projects I have going and try to figure out where I stand with each– In the process of doing this. I found the most recents drafts (not an easy task) of one project plus notes from my writing group. Two more to go. And let’s not even talk about the jillion drafts of the jillion stories cluttering my computer and do not seem to be organized in any kind of coherent manner. Well, maybe not a jillion, but close.

• write up book reflections as I finish each book instead of waiting until end of the month– Done. Wrote three this week.

Not a bad week. I’ll feel better once I settle on a project and then devote myself to it until it is done. Devotion… isn’t that a much more pleasant word than discipline? Hmmm… could be a future post.



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