She Writes Blogging About Books and Writing Ball

Welcome fellow SheWriters! I love this idea. Thanks to Meg for getting the “ball” rolling, so to speak:) Sorry, but how could I resist?

So, we are encouraged to leave a blogging tip in this little welcome message. I am still figuring out how my blog fits into my life. Weekly? Daily? Somewhere in between? In an effort to be somewhat consistent I set up a schedule that included a blog post six days a week:

Monday: My goals and intentions for the week

Quotable Tuesday: An inspiring quote that I stumbled across during the week regarding writing, art, creativity, etc…

Wednesday: Inspire, Inform, Indulge- links I discovered that I want to share

Thurday: Three observations I made of the physical, sensual world

Friday: Progress made over the course of the week.

Salon Saturday: Where I ruminate about a particular aspect of writing or the creative process in hopes of starting a discussion among blogs, a virtual “Salon”

So, that was my goal but I believe I may have over-reached a bit. I also found myself over-reaching in my Monday posts which left me less than motivated to post the lack of progress on Friday, even though that was the whole point of doing it. To have some accountability. The Thursday observations are something I think I should continue on my own but not necessarily post. And I still love Salon Saturday although maybe it needs to be twice a month instead of weekly and I need to network more to get it to a “salon” type level.

So, that is my tip. Devise some kind of schedule that helps you show up consistently to your blog.

Another tip is to comment, comment, comment on other blogs.

Finally, when you embed a link within your post, make sure you set it to open up in a new window, that way the reader isn’t navigated away from your page.

Happy blogging….


13 thoughts on “She Writes Blogging About Books and Writing Ball

  1. Hi Kim:
    Great tips, but I don’t see your name anywhere on this page. I’m guilty of the same thing. At least your blog is under your name. I wasn’t even that clever
    I noticed a number of Blogspot bloggers have friends’ groups that prompt one another to blog on a particular day like your suggestion for Salon Saturday. Only it seems theirs are easy to connect, while I haven’t seen anything similar on WordPress.
    Feel like chatting about this anymore? Let me know.

  2. You and your blog seem to have crept in as the musicians are playing the last dance and chairs are being stacked! I’m glad you did, because I’d definitely like to get to know this blog better.

    I post twice a week, but my secret weapon is a blog folder where I put ideas and outlines for new posts, and work on them when I feel like writing something small, with no pressure.

  3. You’re right… I’ve seen some bloogers use a byline with each post. That actually never ocurred to me but it is a good idea. If readers don’t know who they are reading, what’s the point? I’m always up for brainstorming esp. with regards to technology.

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