Quotable Tuesday

“You write to discover what you want to say. You rewrite to discover what you have said and then rewrite to make it clear to other people.”

– Donald Murray


9 thoughts on “Quotable Tuesday

  1. Stopping by from the She Writes Blogger Ball Redux. Glad to have found you. Seriously impressed by all the books you read. I’m a single mom who works as a marcom writer and is launching another business as well … I can barely finish ONE book a month! I hope to someday get back to reading at a pace like yours. 🙂

  2. I love Tuesday’s quote. I am lucky – I think rewriting/editing is one of the most pleasurable parts of the writing process. It’s like the final coat of pain – I can’t wait to see what “hue” the walls will take. Great blog, thanks. I’m here as part of the redux ball…

    • Dawn- You are lucky! I find it pleasurable at times. But it’s where the true story is revealed.
      Sam-I love that- clarity over cleverness. I also have to watch out for choosing clarity over pretty sentences.
      Katrina- You are quite welcome:)

  3. Hi I am a little late to the parade. I am stopping over from the blog hop. I was trying to visit all of the blogs listed and it is just taking forever! So many good blogs. I enjoyed your post on YA writing/reading as I am currently working on a YA book. Great Blog I am looking forward to following you.

    • Jennifer- Wow! Visiting all of the blogs is an impressive feat! Thanks so much for stopping by. Good luck with your YA novel. I have been immersing myself in reading them lately, bringing stacks home from the library. I’ll post about them at the end of the month:)

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