She Writes Blogger Ball Redux

Welcome once again She Writers! Another lovely weekend of blog hopping commences.

A little about me: (thanks for the idea Kelly)

1. I write fiction (mostly). Currently I am working on a collection of short stories, a novel-in-stories, and a novel.

2. I think I have some YA novels lurking inside me. That voice seems to come naturally to me. I think it’s because I feel emotionally stuck at age 14 much of the time:)

3. I am a writer who hates to type. 99% of the time I will type “teh” instead of “the” and “adn” instead of “and.”

4. I am obsessed with post-apocalyptic fiction.

5. I love going to the movies by myself in the middle of the day.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful writers through She Writes and my blog. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out Salon Saturday and join in the discussion though I am not even sure what tomorrow’s topic will be yet. I’m sure something will come to me.

Click below to check out what other She Writers are saying:

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!



3 thoughts on “She Writes Blogger Ball Redux

  1. Hi Kim, thanks for the nice welcome to the Blogger’s Ball. I’ve been having a great time meeting and getting to know everyone. Nice site…enjoyed your writing.

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