Five on Friday

1. I covet this but…sigh… I am a Mac girl.

2. Where are your writing spaces?

3. One writer believes that YA fiction is “too dark”.

4. Sherman Alexie responds to the “too dark” label here.

5. Melanie Rae Thon encourages the keeping of writer’s notebooks.

13 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Five on Friday is a nice idea. Reading back through some of your others, I do recommend Murakami as you haven’t read him yet. I’m here from She Writes, by the way. Have a great weekend.

    • Nice piece on Writing Spaces. I can really identify with wanting to have that perfect mood and then writing in an environment in contrast to my original plan. There’s really no perfect time or setting. It simply has to be done. I even had a friend who thought writers should look a certain way and have this eclectic sort of air about them, which she didn’t but she published anyway. In the end, those are all superficial elements that have so little to do with the work itself.

      ON YA fiction, it seems dark fiction or paranormal is the “in” genre but in shopping for my daughter, there are other great stories and authors out there for options.

      • Totsy- I’ve written at every time of day in so many different places and now know that it is less about the space surrounding me than the space in my head. I could have my “ideal” writing space but if my relentless inner judge/critic is undermining me, then it doesn’t matter where I am.

        Yes, there is so much out there for YA now. It is a huge, blossoming market for writers and readers and I think there is room for all the stories that need to be told and that need to be read:)

  2. Hi, Another She Writes stopper by. This is quirky, I love it! And short frequent posts – I really have to aim for something like this for my blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I am still finding my perfect balance regarding blogging. Shorter, more frequent posts seem to be working… for now anyway:)

  3. I covet technology, too, but that Liquid thingy looks overwhelming. Give me my Mac any day and I’m happy. On the other hand, I could use an iPhone.

    • Susan- I’m seduced by the promise of being able to organize the many, many draafts of a story and to be able to find a scene that I cut but now want back, etc…

  4. One of my favorite topics is ‘writer spaces’ where writers write, where they can’t write, where they feel the only place they can write, fascinates me, so thank you for sharing that one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that link you share about the story blender… I am so glad I am not a mac girl, but trust me there are others out there that are mac only.. Forever indebted to you.. Brenda

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