Five on Friday

1. Had a great time here last night. This is her fabulous new novel.

2. An excellent interview with Benjamin Percy. He has a kick-ass work ethic.

3. Dani Shapiro finds freedom as a writer.

4. Great interview with Robin Black. I bought her book last night.

5. Thanks to Dylan Landis for accepting my facebook friend request and giving access to all the great links she shares:) Her book made it onto my permanent bookshelf.

5 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Happy to have found your blog, and even happier to find myself mentioned on it–thank you, Kim! Isn’t Silver Sparrow terrific? And I bet you love Robin Black’s stories.

    • Robin, you are so welcome! And I am LOVING your story collection! Thanks for stopping by:)
      Dylan- You are so welcome, too:) “Silver Sparrow” was a beautiful read. And yes, I am indeed loving Robion’s stories:)

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