Welcome She-Writers

My blog and overall writing hit a bit of a summer slump. But it is now officially Fall and there’s that back-to-school feeling floating in the air that never really goes away no matter how old I am. So I am back to making lists of projects and where I am at with each one, lists of contests, lists of future projects/characters, lists of scenes in my current WIP, lists of books to read, lists of places to submit to, lists of blog post topics. Lists of all my lists at some point I am sure. But this She Writes Blogger Ball #7 is the perfect structure to ease me back into the writing routine. It’s forcing me to write, if only this short welcoming paragraph and I always find it inspiring to visit all of your blogs. Welcome!
Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

4 thoughts on “Welcome She-Writers

  1. Lovely. I had to go immediately to see your art journal pages, and I love them! I also enjoyed your Friday Five. Interesting idea and fun choices.

    I came over from the bloggers ball at SheWrites. Thanks for joining it! I’m finding so many fun blogs.

    • Thanks, Liz! I really want to do more art. It’s a nice complement to writing. I’m really glad we connected through She Writes. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi, Kim – great to *meet* you through SheWrites!
    I just read your post about the people who say SAHM moms have too much time on their hands and so rule the PTA. I have run across some of those iron-fisters and always wonder 1. why they chose to be a SAHM, since they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time away from the children, often creating battles just to have some to fight; and 2. How do they find the time? I struggle to get to all the class/school/PTA/committee meetings, let alone do I want to stay up all night criticizing all the things being done by the other women who are just as overworked as I am. Hm, didn’t realize I was even harboring that little rant until just now 🙂

    • Hi, Shelley. I know what you mean. I’ve felt the same way as well but then I catch myself judging those moms just as harshly as I feel judged. Mostly I try to admire them. Somebody has to do the PTO stuff. And I don’t want it to be me:) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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