An Award? For Me?

Many thanks to the ever-inspiring Liz over at The Writing Reader for bestowing upon me my first ever blogging award, The Versatile Blogger! According to the rules, I am to thank the giver of the award and link back to her (check) then list seven things about myself then pass the award onto fifteen other blogs. So… here goes…

1. I’m a book junkie. It’s true. We are actually running out of space for my books. I covet truly inspired bookshelves. My dream is to have floor-to-ceiling shelves in at least one room.

2. My favorite dinner to get at a restaurant is crabcakes.

3. I love the smell of coffee but not so much the taste. The only time I drink it is after a lovely meal with dessert (preferably chocolate).

4. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who really gets into Halloween. Those people always seem like so much fun. I just need to loosen up and not be afraid of looking silly. After all, it’s just Halloween.

5. Left on my own, I’d naturally sleep about nine hours.

6. I’m finding it hard to fathom that I have two girls in high school this year.

7. I actually enjoy solving algebra equations. Weird, I know…

And here are the fifteen recently discovered blogs:

1. Catching Days

2. The World Crafter’s Inkspot

3. Fi’s Magical Writing Haven

4. The View from My Mountaintop

5. Writer Musings

6. The Ole Master Plan

7. A Day Without Sushi

8. One Sister’s Rant

9. This Is Not a Mommy Blog

10. Carpe Keyboard

11. Dawn Brazil’s Brilliant Babbles About Books

12. Seeking the Write Life

13. Bookstack

14. scribbleflowers

15. Business and Creative Womens Forum





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