Five on Friday ( a day late)

1. Here’s a way to use Pinterest instead of it using you. Love it! Thanks, Nova🙂

2. Dani Shapiro reflects on her ideal writing day. It helps to see we all face the same struggles. I also can relate to this from the comments: “My life is structured around a cycle of good intentions, then a crush of depression when I don’t follow through on those good intentions.”

3. How did I not know about this column? I always come to party late. I only started watching “Lost” after it ended.

4. A great interview with Dylan Landis. I love what she says about close-reading and de-boning a good book.

5. Can’t wait to read Dan Chaon’s new collection, “Stay Awake.”. I grabbed it off the library shelf but know that I will have to buy my own copy.


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