Five on Friday

I apologize for my more-sporadic-than-usual postings but that’s probably how it will be until the end of July. Big happenings around this writer’s house. Our oldest daughter graduated from high school and we have a summer packed with grad parties, family and company. So, I will try to get here as often as I can but plan to really buckle down come the end of summer. Thank you for your patience.

Here are a few links I stumbled across this week that you might enjoy:

1. Love her work, her story, her attitude. Make sure to check out how she got to where she is. Quite inspiring and motivating.

2. Seriously thinking about signing up for this at the end of my crazy summer. A great way to build some structure back into my writing life.

3. Can not wait to read the new novel by Christopher Coake. Loved his story collection.

4. How do you measure and/or increase your productivity?

5. Love her work

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