Time for Change

I’ve had to rethink this blog. Obviously, I haven’t been as engaged lately with so much going on this year, so I had to ask myself some questions:

Do I still even want to blog? Yes.

Do I want it to be strictly about writing? No.

Do I want to create an entirely separate blog? No.


On my four-mile walk around the lake this morning, listening to the awesome Brené Brown, I realized that I no longer feel connected to the theme and title of my old blog, No Credentials Necessary. It felt like I was tying myself to scarcity, what I didn’t have, namely a few letters to go behind my name. I decided I didn’t want a lack of something to be my focus. So, I began thinking about what I do have in my life: writing, reading, art, yoga not to mention family and friends. And what connects all of these things is being present, and being present is a practice, an art. Aha…the art of practice.

So, here I am. A new focus, a new direction. It’s where I am now and that is something I am trying to honor daily, even moment by moment. It’s a practice, for sure. And it’s practice to stay open to what is possible, to all that is possible.


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