Quotable Tuesday




Slowing down was the theme of the “Write Into Yoga” class I taught this week. This is the perfect time of year to pause and take time to slow down as we rush around trying to make the holidays perfect for everyone around us with shopping, baking, wrapping and the countless other events that pull at us. But beyond the holidays, “being busy” has become a badge of honor. It’s ego-driven. Proof of how important we are. How valuable. How would it feel if you admitted that you weren’t all that busy? Would you feel less than? I invite you to choose one tiny area of your life where you can slow down. Maybe you eat more slowly. It is suggested that we chew our food 20-30 times. I know I don’t do that. But it’s better for weight loss and digestion. Maybe you take time to really listen to somebody or your Self. Or you drive slower. Or take five minutes in the morning to sip a cup of tea by candlelight or meditate before you head off into your day. Find a small pocket of time that you can claim for yourself and slow down and savor that moment, for each moment is precious and deserves to be appreciated. Feel free to share your expereince of slowing down in the comments. I love hearing from you.


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