Shopping for the Bibliophile in your Life

Cross-posted from The Livingston Post:


I scoured the web and found some delightful gifts for the bibliophile on your holiday list this year. Or maybe for yourself.

1. Cafe Press has a wide range of items from coffee mugs to t-shirts to bags to jewelry.

2. Found this sweet bracelet on Etsy.

3. Perfume that smells like books.

4. Keep your feet warm and cozy as you read this winter with these cute bookworm socks.

5. Out of Print has your favorite books on clothing, jewelry, notecards and more.

6.  A novel way to cover your laptop.

7. A book-scented candle.

8. Wearable literature from Storiarts.

9. For the book lover who loans her books here’s an elegant way to leave her mark with a Library Embosser.

10. Vintage library card ornaments.

11. These Jane Austen bandages would make a great stocking stuffer.

12. Magnetic Poetry kit for book lovers.

13. This Book Clock is cool but really, who keeps track of time when they are reading?

14. Plates shaped like books? Sure, why not?

15. Another stocking stuffer idea: the literary version of Mad Libs.

16. Get an original painting of your ideal bookshelf consisting of up to your 10 favorite books.

17. A Virginia Woolf plush doll to inspire as you write and/or keep you company as you read.

18. Purses made from recycled vintage books.

19. Bouquets of paper flowers created from vintage books. No watering necessary.

20. If all else fails, they will always appreciate a gift card to their favorite bookstore.

How about you? What literary gifts are on your list to give or receive this year? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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