2014 Writing Intentions

Over the course of 30 days in December I participated in an on-line Writing Review and Renewal Challenge with Jill Jepson. Each day she gave us a prompt and some guidance to help us reflect on 2013 before creating a vision for our writing life in 2014. It was an amazing process that I highly recommend. I think she may be making the program available as an e-book in the future. I loved how she had us focus on intentions rather than goals. Goals are product, intentions are process. Goals are future, intentions are present. It just really resonated with me. I created the following list of my intentions to pin on my inspiration board to, you know, inspire me throughout the year. (I found the lovely photo on Pinterest but could not find out who to credit it to.)


How about you? Do you set goals or intentions? Do you feel there is a difference? Feel free to share them in the comments.


One thought on “2014 Writing Intentions

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed it… no matter how weird, strange, or silly someone looks doing something they love… you can’t judge because its for their purpose…

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