Day 1 of 30 Days of Writing: Write Yourself Alive!


I have mixed feelings about these kinds of challenges.

Mostly I love them.

I love the energy behind the intention.

I love being surrounded by like-minded and like-spirited people on similar journeys.

I love being challenged by a challenge.

What I don’t love is not following through on the challenge.

Then it becomes just another thing I failed at. Another thing I said I’d do and then don’t do.

But here we are at Day 1. So, how did it go?

Well, I started last night by downloading a trial version of Mac Freedom so I could block the internet because the habit of checking my email and Facebook first thing is so ingrained that I didn’t trust myself to just ignore it until I wrote for the day.

My plan was to set it the night before to block the internet until noon but the maximum amount of hours allowed is 8, so that didn’t work.

I woke up to my sleeping computer and pretty much avoided even glancing in its direction as I sat at my desk and wrote my Morning Pages. I could actually feel the computer behind me whining, “Hey, what about me?”

Then I had a yoga class and a feedback class to attend. I decided to skip the one in between and brought my notebook with me to the studio where I hunkered down on the couch for an hour or so to write. I wrote a scene for my WIP and started a new piece for elephant journal.



Not gonna get all cocky here since it is only the first day. But I have to say that I really liked starting the day without the internet. I didn’t even go online until after noon. If nothing else comes of this challenge except I break that particular habit, it will be so worth it.


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