Day 11 of 30 Days of Writing: Write Yourself Alive!


It’s a sad day.

I’m always a little stunned when I find myself so stunned at the loss of a celebrity. Obviously, I didn’t know him personally, but it felt like I did. Actors and comedians, especially of Robin William’s caliber, do that. They welcome you into the sphere of their being.

Watching Robin Williams do an interview was a spectacle in stream-of-consciousness let loose on the world. I’d sit there mesmerized, wondering what he would possibly say or do next.

His passion and energy radiated off the screen—whether TV or movie.

These days, with social media such an intricate part of our lives, we come together in our mourning. In our grief. Finding solace in photos and quotes shared, in heartfelt pieces written in the moment, proving again that stories unite us.

That we are indeed made of stories.

Robin Williams was a tapestry of stories that swirled around inside him, stories that he was generous enough to share with us.

It’s Day 11 of this writing challenge and while I haven’t posted here every day, I have managed to write something every damn day. I read the posts others are sharing and I am humbled and energized as I ride the wave the waves of words being created, being shared.

This challenge, our words, our stories?

This is how we fan our own little sparks of madness.


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