Eulogy from my Inner Critic

Photo: Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

Photo: Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

I just started the 30 Day Write Yourself Alive Challenge with Tyler Knott GregsonAndréa Balt. It’s only Day 1 but I can tell it’s going to be all kinds of amazing.

Today I’m sharing the answer to the 17th question from an interview with my creative self.

Say I have died and my Inner Critic stays behind to write a goodbye note in the third person that commemorates my work. What would make me Rest In Peace?

She followed the hungry beating heart of language and stories and words sewn together with blood and tears and joy, never giving up. Always showing up. She spilled both her light and dark onto the page regardless of what anyone thought. For her it was all about the process—the process of showing up, diving deep, swimming out to the deep end not knowing what came next and not caring. She believed in the alchemy of writing—that seemingly magical process of finding, discovering, unearthing the right words at the right moment that could crack her world open, allowing a little more space around the thump thump thumping of her own little heart, connecting her with the awesome heart of the Universe. 

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