Books Read in January

“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler

I like hard work and I don’t like pretending things are perfect.

I’m a fan of any book that starts with a preface titled: Writing is Hard.

I’m even more of a fan when that book is written by Amy Poehler.

I mean, I’ve always liked her. Loved her on SNL. Thought she and Tina Fey killed it on Weekend Update. And I think they should host every award show from now until the end of time.

But after reading her book, I wanna be her BFF. She’s funny, smart as hell, sassy, real, takes no shit, tells it like it is.

And she admits writing is hard. Because it is.

I love the structure of her book. Or maybe it’s an anti-structure. It’s not a straight up memoir. It’s a collection of essays, thoughts, lists, letters, and haiku. Yep, haiku like this:

We know it’s Botox

And not your vegan diet

Nice try, Margaret

She cracks me up.

We hear about her life from childhood to her improve days.

We hear behind the scenes stuff from her time at SNL especially the memorable Sarah Palin rap.

We hear about her marriage, divorce and the mature stable relationship they’ve managed to maintain for the sake of their kids.

We hear about her kids and being a mom.

She tells us her rules for sex for men and women.

She tells us about her friendship with Tina Fey.

What it’s like being a woman in comedy.

We hear it all.

And I still wanted more.

A sentence I love: It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for.

The Good Sister cover

“The Good Sister” a YA novel by Jamie Kain

It’s strange how someone you never knew and will never know can change the course of your life forever.

The three Kinsey sisters grew up with hippie parents and without many rules. When, Sarah, the good sister, is lost in a mysterious accident the other two sisters Asha and Rachel are left even more adrift than before Sarah’s death. They grieve alone, pushing each other’s buttons as sisters do leaving themselves isolated without the weight of Sarah’s presence to anchor them.

The story is told in alternating chapters of each sister’s voice, including Sarah who has died and is trying to make sense of her life and her death.

Each sister has a unique voice and story and they weave together to finally discover the truth behind Sarah’s life and death.

A sentence I love: Everything about my life felt stolen.

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