The Art of Making Time for Creativity

Image found via Pinterest.

Image found via Pinterest.

I’ve been thinking about creativity lately.

Specifically, the time needed to be creative. The time needed to drop inward and create something of meaning, of value.

I have a crazy busy week—even month— ahead of me. My youngest graduates from high school next weekend. We have guests coming in for that. My husband and I will be working the All Night SeniorParty that lasts—you guessed it— all night. Throw in a dance recital, a grad party to host, many more to attend, more guests, not to mention teaching yoga, editing for elephant journal, my own writing and you know, just life in general and I’m not left with any huge swaths of time to be creative.

But I’ve decided I don’t need huge swaths of time. I love the quote in the image above. Because being creative is a way of life. And that is such a relief. It means that I don’t have to excavate huge chunks of time from my day to “be creative.” I can weave my creativity into and throughout the moments of my days.

In that spirit I have decided to challenge myself to a 30-Day Challenge for the month of June. Yes, my craziest, busiest month. But that’s the point. That in the midst of all the craziness and business, creativity can still thrive.

So, for the next 30 days I will create something once a day. It can be anything:

~ a scene in my WIP

~ a page in my art journal

~ a zen tangle

~ a photograph

~ a recipe

~ a blog post

~ a yoga sequence

Who knows what else? The point is to be creative about weaving creativity into my life. I will post here daily, and try to as well as on my Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to join and/or follow me. #createonceadayfor30days


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