Day 1 of 30-Day Creativity Challenge

It’s day 1 of my self-imposed (self-created?) creativity chAllenge.

I had a terrible night’s sleep for some reason. Taught 3 yoga classes today, dealt with doctor appointment logistics all day long, ran a bunch of errands, had my dog Izzy going crazy all day since our house apparently turned into a wild life refuge with a sweet little fawn nestled in the backyard and then 2 cranes meandering across the lawn.

Sigh…it’s life. If I waited for the perfect time to create something, well…I’d be waiting a long time. Creativity seeps into the nooks and crannies of our lives, expanding them, enriching them.

Today I created this:


Out of this:


And in doing so I created better health.

I also wrote this in response to the 10-sentence a day challenge with some lovely writers for The Tattooed Buddha:

I woke to a fawn nestled in our lawn off the deck,

its white spots soft and blurred under the sun.

Later, two cranes meandered in their graceful yet still awkward manner through the grass all around our house.

Now, the sing-song chatter of birds drifts in through  open windows.

I notice how lush and green the grass is,

the trees a thick dense canopy.

A moth flutters against the window infront of my desk.

And there is some oddly shaped, what I assume to be, mouse organ of some type under the leather chair in the living room.

Lulu must have caught it. The carpet is smudged with dulled brown blood.

We are surrounded by this whole other world.

We live in the midst of this whole other world that I often let pass by, unnoticed.

Sometimes I so stuck in the cramped, tiny world of my own thoughts

I forget that this whole world exists




All around me.



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