Days 4-9 of 30-Day Creativity Challenge

orderliness pics

Though I skipped posting here for several days, surpRisingly, I only missed one day of my challenge.

We had a house full of family in for my youngest daughter’s graduation from high school over the weekend. There was the prep of getting the house and food ready. Then there was the actual graduation ceremony at 10 AM Saturday, followed by a family dinner, followed by being a chaperone at the Senior All Night Party from 9 PM to 5 AM Sunday.

Quite the jam-packed couple of days. But I still managed to show up in even the smallest of ways to my creativity challenge.

Day 4- I created time in a crazy day to go to a (much needed) yoga class. Best decision I made.

Day 5- Wrote 10 sentences for another challenge.

Day 6- Wrote another 10 sentences for the challenge.

Day 7- After being awake for 24 hours, I barely functioned Sunday. I did manage to create a small bit of order from the chaos of the weekend in our home.

Day 8- Created 3 yoga flows on the fly as I taught 3 classes Monday.

Day 9- Created some much needed order in my office that had been buried under piles of papers for months. Culled through the stacks, recycling 2 waste baskets full of papers. Organized files for current projects as well as separate college/billing files for both daughters who will be at college in August. I feel I can breathe again in here.

I also created artwork for Quotable Tuesday.

And I created this post.

And artwork to go with it.

On to day 10!



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