Books on my Permanent Bookshelf

These are books that I return to again and again. Books that inspire me to write and books that I aspire to write. They are my teachers, mentors, guides that I can pick up at any time and have at my fingertips. Of course there are many many more books that I have loved but to make this particular list it needs to be a story that I wish I had written myself or that I can picture myself writing.

Short Story Collections

“Moral Disorder” by Margaret Atwood

“Beautiful Girls” by Beth Ann Bauman

“If I loved you, I would tell you this” stories by Robin Black

“Come to Me” by Amy Bloom

“The News of the World” and “At the Jim Bridger” by Ron Carlson

“What We Talk about When We Talk About Love” by Raymond Carver

“Fitting Ends” by Dan Chaon

“Survival Rates” by Mary Clyde

“We’re in Trouble” by Christopher Coake

“The Best Place to Be” by Lesley Dormen

“A Gram of Mars” by Becky Hagenston

“House of Thieves” by Kaui Hart Hemmings

“An Ornithologist’s Guide to Life” by Ann Hood

“Calamity and Other Stories” by Daphne Kalotay

“Come Up and See Me Sometime” by Erika Krouse

“Unaccustomed Earth” by Jhumpa Lahiri

“Normal People Don’t Live Like this” by Dylan Landis

“Where Love Leaves Us” by Renée Manfredi

“Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It” by Maile Meloy

“Personal Velocity” by Rebecca Miller

“Lust” by Susan Minot

“Out of the Girls’ Room and Into the Night” by Thisbe Nissen

“People I Wanted to Be” by Gina Ochsner

“Mendocino and other stories” by Ann Packer

“Livability” by Jon Raymond

“Blueprints for Building Better Girls” by Elissa Schappell

“Use Me” by Elissa Schappell

“Babe in Paradise” by Marisa Silver

“The Summer Before the Summer of Love” by Marly Swick

“Who Do You Love” and “Do Not Deny Me” by Jean Thompson

“Animal Crackers” by Hannah Tinti


“Girls in Peril” by Karen Lee Boren

“What Girls Learn” by Karin Cook

“Heat Lightning” by Leah Hager Cohen

“Rosie” by Anne Lamott

“Above the Thunder” by Renée Manfredi

“Miles from Nowhere” by Nami Mun

“Living to Tell” by Antonya Nelson

“Anywhere But Here” by Mona Simpson

“We the Animals” by Justin Torres

“Blue Glass” by Sandra Tyler

“Objects in the Mirror Are Closer than they Appear” by Katharine Weber

“The Doctor’s Daughter” by Hilma Wolitzer


“The Glen Rock Book of the Dead” by Marion Winik

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