Welcome She-Writers

My blog and overall writing hit a bit of a summer slump. But it is now officially Fall and there’s that back-to-school feeling floating in the air that never really goes away no matter how old I am. So I am back to making lists of projects and where I am at with each one, lists of contests, lists of future projects/characters, lists of scenes in my current WIP, lists of books to read, lists of places to submit to, lists of blog post topics. Lists of all my lists at some point I am sure. But this She Writes Blogger Ball #7 is the perfect structure to ease me back into the writing routine. It’s forcing me to write, if only this short welcoming paragraph and I always find it inspiring to visit all of your blogs. Welcome!
Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

She Writes Blogger Ball #4

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

Welcome She Writers! Thanks to Meg for, once again, organizing this delightful way to meet fellow readers, writers and bloggers.

I write almost daily. My preferred place is in the corner of my favorite coffee shop with an iced soy chai latte in front of me. I have a lovely office at home (which is partially pictured in my blog masthead) but at home I get so easily distracted by the dog, dishes, laundry, internet. My internet stopped working on my laptop aboout two months ago after it fell out of the back of my car. After researching it online we think that the AirPort got jostled loose. It can be fixed but I am kind of enjoying being internet free when I am out writing. For now anyway. I’m sure I will need it again at some point.

My blog is still a work in progress as I search for the perfect balance between posting nothing and being way too structured in how often I post. What I am aiming for now is to keep the Five on Friday, Quotable Tuesday and then add brief reflections on my writing life and the ebb and flow of the creative process as I live it.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. And please know that I truly appreciate it as our time is so precious. I look forward to meeting you on your blogs over the next few days. The trick for me is to make time on non-Blogger Ball weekends to regularly check-in:)