Wednesday Writing Prompt


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I’ve decided to post a prompt each Wednesday and my raw, unedited response to it. Just for fun…

Trees fade into a ethereal tunnel, the fog becoming more dense until it resembles white light.There, at the end of the path, just before the light of fog stands a silhouette. Magical, poised, majestic. I didn’t expect to encounter anyone or anything on this walk. On this path so deserted. I feel I am the only one in the world, surrounded by the embrace of trees towering over me, standing guard as I make my deep into the unknown. The trees have let go of their leaves. They understand the importance of letting the dead things go, the importance of composting that which no longer serves you, creating something new and lush. But it takes this time of darkness, of retreat deep into the self. This time is essential. Though it is stark and harsh it is also warm and comforting. I realize I have stopped walking and am standing still, as still as the winter stag in front of me. Our eyes lock and neither of us are poised to run. The stag beckons me ahead, letting me know it is okay to continue on this path. That it is essential that I continue, so I lift a foot and take a step. Then another. and another…deep into the fog until I can no longer see even my hand in front of me.

If you are inspiried by this image feel free to share a response in the comments or share a link to your blog. I’d love to read what you write!