A Letter from Risk.


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I am not here to take over your life.

I am not here to destroy our life.

I am here  to dance with you into the deep heart of your life.

Each risk you take is a success, no matter the end result.

Each risk expands your heart, expands your mind, expands your life.

Dance with me rather than standing at odds.

Dancing is fluid. It is playful. It invites curiosity and wonder.

Don’t bring such a heaviness to me. 

Let me be light.

Let me light your path.

A path of possibilities.

Let my light bring clarity .

Let that clarity be your light, the light that you shine out into the world.


Spring into the Unknown.

and the day came

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Suddenly nature is blooming all around me. White blossoms burst from the tree outside my bedroom window. Purple petals erupt on the bush outside my writing room.

It’s spring. Possibility hangs heavy in the air. Can you feel it?

Just as nature is awakening from a long winter’s slumber, so are we. It is time to awaken to our fullest potential. To actively create the life we want. To take strides toward our dreams.

Spring invites us to take risks.

To be bold.

To step outside of our comfort zone.

To dance with the unknown.

To trust our instincts.

To trust our voice.

To speak even when our voice shakes. Especially then.

What step can you take today, now, in this moment?

If not now, when?