Five on Friday

1. I can’t get enough of Dani Shapiro lately. Here’s an interview in which she gives us a new perspective on self-doubt in writers.

2. Really looking forward to Gretchen Rubin’s new book on habits.

3. Finding and creating poems within a page of text is a fun way to play with words. maybe use it as a warm-up before the work begins.

4. This may be my favorite essay ever on having the heart of a writer. I could quote the entire piece but here’s one that really spoke to me: “We occupy a kind of border country, focused on the details that speak to us. Ask those who marry us, or those who don’t: we’re too intensely involved, yet never quite present. Perhaps we’re difficult to live with as adults, but often we were precocious, overly-responsible children — not in what we accomplished, necessarily, but in what we remembered, in the emotional burdens we took on.” (Italics are mine.)

5. I kinda fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it. Good thing Christmas is coming up:)

Enjoy your weekend!