Five on Friday.

Each Friday I try to share five links that made me think, inspired me or I just found entertaining throughout the week.

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  1. Preparing for our first vegan Thanksgiving.
  2. I love having journal writing prompts at the ready.
  3. A peek into the writing mind of J.K. Rowling.
  4. “To put it another way, it took me two decades to become brave enough to be angry.” Read this piece by Lindy West.
  5. I’ve been exploring this link between voice and integrity and authenticity. Do my words come from integrity or do they add to the noise of the world? This speaks to that.

Five on Friday

No Apology Necessary.

1. Tayari Jones is sharing an awesome series of posts on writing rituals.

2. What exactly are we apologizing for?

3. What I learned from being an apprentice.

4. Everyone needs to watch this movie. Seriously, everyone.

5. Love this concept of the space between two people in a relationship.

Five on Friday

Photo: Rachel Kramer via Flickr

Photo: Rachel Kramer via Flickr

1. Elizabeth Berg creates an innovative way to promote writers.

2. Yogi’s block is similar to writer’s block.

3. A summer reading list.

4. Jim Carrey inspires the class of 2014.

5. Happy full moon!

Five on Friday


1. My latest on elephant journal.

2. A great interview with Elizabeth Gilbert.

3. This is sad and true. Reminds me of this piece I wrote.

4. Can’t wait to read Robin Black’s new novel. Loved her story collection.

5. By walking around the neighborhood block you can walk yourself out of a creative block.

Five on Friday


1. I get chills every time I watch this video.

2. Dani Shapiro on the writing life. “My inner life is an inaccessible landscape when I’m not writing, a foreign and unfamiliar place.”

3. Keri Smith on the cult of celebrity.

4. Establishing a small, non-threatening daily writing habit when is a great idea! Can’t wait for Gretchen Rubin’s new book on habits to be published.   

5. As a recovering self-help junkie, I can totally relate to this.

Five on Friday

1. Thrilled to have found this website with a series of podcast interviews, Writers on Writing.

2. 3 Ways we sabotage ourselves. I’ve been guilty of all three at times.

3. Benjamin Percy on writing a novel.

4. This workshop looks amazing!

5. Looking to kick the sugar habit? Here are five tips.

Five on Friday

1. I heart short stories, reading them and writing them. Four short story writers discuss this often under-appreciated form.

2. A beautiful conversation with Natalie Goldberg on the practice of writing, sitting, painting and living.

3. 7 myths about creativity.

4. Ira Glass on the secret of success in creative work, and not in the usual interview format.

5. A lovely reflection on the art of vulnerability from Dani Shapiro.

Five on (Black) Friday

1. Very excited to be taking part in this challenge. It’s a great way to end the old year and start the new year:)

2. A writer gives thanks.

3. Pretty sure I’m an obliger. Love studying and learning about habits.

4. Love this essay!

5. Totally in love with this bracelet!

Five on Friday

1. I can’t get enough of Dani Shapiro lately. Here’s an interview in which she gives us a new perspective on self-doubt in writers.

2. Really looking forward to Gretchen Rubin’s new book on habits.

3. Finding and creating poems within a page of text is a fun way to play with words. maybe use it as a warm-up before the work begins.

4. This may be my favorite essay ever on having the heart of a writer. I could quote the entire piece but here’s one that really spoke to me: “We occupy a kind of border country, focused on the details that speak to us. Ask those who marry us, or those who don’t: we’re too intensely involved, yet never quite present. Perhaps we’re difficult to live with as adults, but often we were precocious, overly-responsible children — not in what we accomplished, necessarily, but in what we remembered, in the emotional burdens we took on.” (Italics are mine.)

5. I kinda fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it. Good thing Christmas is coming up:)

Enjoy your weekend!

Five on Friday

1. Motivation to finish your novel.

2. Tips to boost your creativity

3. Using structure to loosen up. (I am a big believer in this.)

4. Read about this in “O Magazine.” Looks intriguing.

5. I could totally relate to this stay-at-home mom’s experience. Less judgment, more empathy would go a long way in general and among women specifically.