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Tried something new this morning. I haven’t even had breakfast yet and it’s almost 10:00. I came right into my office, turned on the space heater, lit come candles and meditated for ten minutes. I think that is going to be critical part of my repertoire. It  builds the focus muscle, something that writing longer and deeper definitely calls for. Then I went straight to my desk and wrote three morning pages then went straight to my writing practice notebook, set the timer for fifteen minutes and wrote from the prompt for today from “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves. Instead of just writing whatever came to me, I focused it on my current character and story and wrote an actual scene, not merely a stream-of-consciousness rant. Then, as Priscilla Long suggests in “The Writer’s Portable Mentor” I immediately typed up what I had written. So many good things about this: I am back into the story with two minor characters one of which may be significant, a definite time and place, plus now that I have actually accomplished something substantial the rest of my day is icing. I won’t feel guilty about not writing because I already have. And writing is not the hard part. I can write morning pages, journal pages, writing practice. The harder part for me is to work deep into a story and stay there. This is a good start. And I didn’t even have to take myself out into the cold to the coffee shop to get it done. I stayed right here in the cozy comfort of my own writing space:


School resumed this morning so I knew I had to break my habit of immediately eating in front of the TV. That’s how I get in trouble and lose hours of my day. So I came right into here, meditated for ten minutes, did morning pages and wrote for fifteen minutes from a prompt directed at Jane and even typed it up again. I was able to stay in scene again. That makes such a difference. Something is starting to emerge. This is the first story of the “Jane” section. It is after she visited her mom, a few years later. She’s in college now. Art school in Philly. I think her mom’s cancer will return now. Maybe something about the whale beached in the Delaware river. The good thing is that I got something done today. If I come back and write some more, great. If not, well, I still accomplished something.


Wrote 908 words today. As I typed up the writing practice session which went over the fifteen minutes to maybe thirty, I found myself adding even more. A few new things came up that may prove to be useful. I need to figure out the timeline for each story and see if I am going to weave in pieces of “Flossing” with this story. Just had a thought: there could be a fourth section “Martha Jane (Married name) which would cover her marriage and fertility etc…. so this section is this story, then “Flossing” then ‘I Am, You Are” and Mitchell is the guy she cheats on then she meets Evan who she marries.


Crappy,lazy, do-nothing day yesterday forced me out of the house today even though it’s dreary and drizzly. But, it was worth it. I typed up the latest writing practice and worked on the actual story, not just free-writes. That’s always been a struggle for me, balancing fun writing with the work of piecing together a narrative. Something religious emerged again which seems to be a recurring theme in all of these stories. I think one of the later stories with Tess needs to have something about baptism or a dedication ceremony. I don’t want to jinx it, but this story seems to be falling into place. It could be done by next week. Which means I’ll have all three stories of this section ready to send to my group and can get started on the last section.


Morning pages done. Writing practice? Done but not for fifteen minutes. The prompt was write about a sideways glance and I had nothing. Mostly I wrote about the story which ended up being a good thing because I decided to just go with my original instinct and write the draft I have started through to the end. So I got to an end scene and need to pick up what I have written and saved to a flash drive. It’s always good for me to have a place to pick up for the next session. It keeps the thread and keeps the momentum which is crucial.

Been feeling kind of stuck lately. Shocking, I know. The inspirational blush of the new year has worn off. It’s January in Michigan and I came across a writing retreat with Sark on Kona. It sounds amazing and I would love love love to go but it costs $5500. Not exactly in our budget especially with a daughter going to cosmetology school in August and another going to medical or nursing school in three years. So, how do I give myself something without going to Hawaii? That’s the question. I need warmth, candles, light, colors, compassion, adventure.  I need to find a way to get massages again on a regular basis. Take yoga classes. Surround myself with my favorite inspirational books.

As I sunk deeper into a creative funk yesterday, I watched an interview with Amanda Hocking on Anderson. She self-published and sold over a million copies and now has a publisher, blah blah blah. She is the exception to the rule but I still found her inspiring. What I found annoying was the woman who came on to talk about how Amanda inspired her. She’s 42 and has been writing for two years. Two years. That’s it. And now she’s getting Hocking’s editor to read her manuscript. Am I jealous? Probably. But it’s more about her only writing for the last two years that is pissing me off. Two years is nothing.

Instead of letting jealousy turn me bitter I need to let it be my roadmap. They obviously have something or are doing something that I want to be or do myself. So go be or do it already.


Came to the bookstore while Emily had her study group at Panera. been here about three hours. Wrote for about two, maybe two and a half. Remembered the flash drive this time and picked up the hospital and cab ride scenes. Started at the beginning and fixed the tense. Changed it to past. Decided it will be summer, a few weeks before graduation. Need to change a couple of things, mostly in the courtyard. Ended at a place where I know what happens next, always a good trick for me. This one should be done by next week. Pretty sure that I’ll have two if not three (which is the entire Jane section) ready to send to my group for our next meeting. Yay me:)


First I wrote at Starbucks: morning pages then Writing practice. Then ran some errands but since I had so little time before I had to pick up Emily I came to the bookstore and good thing I did. Got so much done. Started the story over from a different place and made it so Jane has just graduated. Wrote five and a half new pages!


Wrote for two hours yesterday and at least two more today. I have what could pass as a draft done but still no title. I think I’d like to get the other two stories revised and send the whole section out this week, the earlier the better although the stories are shorter than my usual.


Been writing for an hour and fifteen minutes. I could go longer which is a great feeling but I need to go get groceries and get ready for Em’s party tonight. Here’s what is happening: momentum, baby. Good solid momentum as I keep showing up not only to writing morning pages or writing practice, but focused writing practice that I then type up and consistent working in scenes instead of voice and working toward a finished draft. So, I have a finished draft of the first Jane story. It still needs a title so I know it is actually not finished. Now I am retyping “Flossing” as well as revising. Switching a scene to the beginning and the guy is her boyfriend, the same one that shows up in the next story that she cheats on, the boy from her first visit to her mom’s so there’s a history. Think he might need a new name. Not sure if “Mitchell” works or not. Need to browse through a name book. Also need to get the years for this section down.



The first two Jane stories are ready to send. Tweaked them both today. Discovered the title for #7. Now I’m working on “I Am, You Are”.  Typing it up from scratch but using old drafts. Noticed something while revising “Flossing”- much of the powerful parts of the story were flashbacks. Not sure why I did that. It works much better now with it as part of the current story. Something to remember in the future. My plan is to have two more stories done by our next group. Hmmm… that doesn’t give me enough time to get the whole thing done by March 15. Maybe I can send this next one out in between then by March 1-ish I can have the last three done then take the next two weeks to tweak and/or revise the entire collection before submitting it to the contest. It will feel amazing to finally have a finished ms for this project.


I don’t think I took that long of a break from writing. I just didn’t write about writing. But I do need to step it up if I am going to make the March 15 deadline. Kind of a long, slothful week last week. Wrote but didn’t really focus or make much progress. Today I am back in it though. Not sure it is starting at the right point. Might start with the ironing. Not sure yet. This one need to be done by Thursday. Send it out along with the rest so far. Then I can send the next one by Wednesday for our Friday meeting. So, I have some deadline. Mini-deadlines to make my major deadline. It helps that my writing group is being so incredibly supportive and willing to meet more often to help me get this done. And I feel guilty that I wasted this last week.


Got a late start to the day but made some progress. Reworked the beginning. Started with the ironing. It’s at that puzzle piece phase. So many pieces, not sure how they all fit together yet. Left off with a starting point which is always a good idea for me. I should do it more often. Not sure how much I’ll get done tomorrow. I have a mammogram at noon then Mark and I are going out to lunch for a belated/cheaper Valentine’s. But I still think I can get this story done by Thursday, Friday at the latest. That’s my plan anyway…


I’ve written since the 14th but not in here. So, finally got a draft of story #9 out to my group. Had to cut a scene I loved since, in the end, it didn’t really change anything. Probably wrote for about three hours today. I can’t imagine writing for eight – ten hours like some writers I hear about because after immersing myself for this relatively short amount of time I find that I am kind of hazy in my real life. Half in that dreamy writing state, half in reality.

Tomorrow’s plan:

–  type up book reflections before books are due at library

–  take photo of books read this month

–  combine all the stories done to date to send to group

–  revise any if possible

–  work on story #10


–  type up book reflections before books are due at library

–  take photo of books read this month

–  combine all the stories done to date to send to group

–  revise any if possible

–  work on story #10

Did the first three and it’s only 11:15 am. And I’m working at home. Think I’ll workout now then tackle the next story after lunch.

8:25 PM

Wow… I just pulled up a major rewrite of the next story and I LOVE it. I barely remember writing it but I totally remember the experience of those first months of motherhood. I was completely absorbed into the story. It has a strong voice, lots of scenes. All it needs are a few tweaks regarding the year and if certain things fit with that time. I almost cried as I finished reading, partly from the emotions it brought up and partly relief that I won’t have to piece together a story from eleven different versions to find the story. Yay!


2:17 PM

I didn’t write here last night since it was kind of late. While I pretty much wasted the entire day, i did manage to sit at my desk while Em was at dance and after I picked her up and got a draft of story #10 revised and out to my group. It’s the above story that I mentioned. It needed just a few clarifications, a few tweaks. I still get a little choked up every time I read the last paragraph. I hope that translates to the reader. Then, after i went to bed, the character was still milling around in my head so I got out a couple pieces of paper and wrote part of the last story. I typed it up when I got here and think I even found the title: “Something Essential”. And I think it’s going to take place up-north at their cottaqe.

Today I am working on the “Normal” story. I can use some of the old draft but much is going to change I think. Penny has emerged as the dad’s wife and I think she may be key to the story in some way. Not sure how yet. I kind of enjoy this part of the process. Digging for clay Julia Cameron calls it. I read over what I have, daydream about the story, write myself little questions and what-if scenarios, free write on prompts to see what emerges. It’s a puzzle-type process but more intuitive at this point. More free-flowing.


12:18 PM

Had a great Skype workshop on Friday. Three hours! They gave me lots of good and helpful feedback. Those will be pretty easy to revise. But it’s this week that has me a little overwhelmed. I need to rewrite one story and write one from scratch by Friday for our meeting on Sunday. I need to take Anne Lamott’s advice: take it bird by bird. Story by story. Scene by scene. Sentence by sentence.

The problem I’m having with story #11 has to do with the fact that I am clinging to the ending of the draft I have but that may not be the ending of the rewrite. So, I just need to write it from the beginning, scene by scene and follow Jane through them, see what happens.

A good thing that is happening is that I am immersing myself in the writing process. The more I write, the more I think about it and the more I want to write so the more I write. I have scraps of paper, paragraphs scribbled on magazine subscription cards. So that story is percolating, simmering as I write this one.

Okay. So my plan right now is to go to the restroom and come back to write for forty-five minutes, browse for fifteen then write for forty-five again then pack up and go home.. See what that produces. I will need to be extraordinarily focused and productive this week.


Wrote for 45 minutes. Not sure if it will all stay but at least I have something to work with. The plan is to break it into 2 sections. Tess’ third birthday and her fourth, where a year has passed and Jane is adamant about not wanting to try again.

Does she visit the art museum and see the Frida Kahlo painting of the woman falling off the building, blood splattered onto the frame? I have written of this elsewhere.


1:15 PM

Got cut off at thirty minutes yesterday when my computer died. Still scrambling with this story. Came across this quote:

“You honor your stories not by clinging to your early attempts to capture things but instead by letting them go, by asking yourself what you’re really after and doing whatever it takes to get there.”

4:12 PM

Did three forty-minutes segments today. Actually, almost an hour for this last one. But it paid off. I almost have a usable draft done. It’ll be done tonight or tomorrow then I can start on the last one. I may actually be able to pull this off:)


2:19 PM

Just had my first 45-minute session. After I got home last night, I found the draft with the birthday scene. And I love the whole story. When I got here, I tried to blend them but there’s just too much. This one is sleek like an arrow. And Jane is likable and that is important. And it’s done for now so I can use the rest of the week to work on the last story which I am writing from scratch.

3:15 PM

Deep in the digging for clay stage. Normally I would enjoy this more, but I am really feeling the time pressure. It would be helpful to find a story to use as a template for structure.



10:46 AM

First session done. I am well into an opening scene. Setting up a story. I had to let go of what and where I thought the story would take place. I pictured it happening at the cottage but so far, it’s not. I’m not sure if it will end up there. Right now I am just staying open to the characters, following them, trusting it will all come together enough that I can send a draft tomorrow.

As I browsed the bookstore it came to me that I need some major conflict early. Not some touching mother/daughter scene. Maybe Tess is missing? Or she’s drunk? high?Something that makes her miss the funeral.

The thing about scribbling notes and scenes on pieces of scrap paper is that I can’t always put my hand on the one I need.


Session 2 done. Threw in some complications. Not sure how I’ll “mop it all up” as Ron Carlson says but it will happen. One more session here then I head home. I’ll need to work more at home. I need to send these stories out tomorrow.


Session 3 done. 2125 words total today. Still not sure where this is going. But they are at the cottage, there are several threads dangling so I have stuff to work with. I am actually curious to see what happens.


10:17 AM

Session 1: So, I still don’t know where this is going yet but I am following what I have. I thought about trashing much of what I wrote yesterday but decided to just stick with it to the end, see where they end up. New stuff emerged this morning as I scribbled notes (that I forgot to bring with me) about Tess wanting to get baptized, picked up directly from my experience with Emily. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am using this. But there has been religious references throughout all the stories and this seems right. I even picture Jane washing Tess’ hair in the lake at the end of the story but not sure if that symbolism is too much. Need to add conversation with Leslie. Okay, time for my 15-minute break.

11:17 AM

Session 2: Something new emerged. Cyber bullying over Ian being gay. He hung himself. Not sure where this is going. I guess I just need to follow it through. I don’t have a lot of time to meander and take different roads. Stick with this until the end, at least for this draft.

12:16 PM

Session 3: Deleted the cyber bullying and the gay thing. It was too many issues for a short story. I think with one more session I can wrap this draft up. Burning knot in the back of my neck. I will need a massage by the end of this project. I’ve decided that will be my reward for committing to and making this deadline.

1:17 PM

Session 4: Yes!! A draft is done. Well, pretty much done. It is written to the end and it echos some threads from previous stories. I highlighted a couple of areas I need to fix when I get home. Nothing big. Then I need to look at story #11 and see if I want to use the draft I have or use the previous draft but take out the dad visit. Not sure. Either way, I will definitely make my deadline. Tomorrow I will take out “Japanese for Butterfly” and see if it needs any revision. Then go one by one, one story a day before submitting it to the contest by March 15. I am awesome. I seriously can not believe how much I’ve accomplished in just a few months. Yay, me!!!!!!

9:41 PM

About to send three stories to my group for Sunday. I can’t decided between two versions of #11.

Long, productive day.


12:00 PM

Working at home today. Have had four 45-minute sessions so far. Cleaning the house during the breaks. Think I’ll take a longer break now and just finish cleaning then shower then be back here for 2:00. I’m working on the last story. Wrote the scene Maureen said it needed. Think it’s good. And I’m really closing in on the ending.

10:29 PM

Seven writing sessions today. Seven. This last one was an hour. So, I think I might finally have this draft wrapped up. It’s good that I am taking a break now. I can come back tomorrow with fresh eyes, maybe print it out and take it to the bookstore. The forty-five minutes go by so fast now. I am learning so much about my process. What works: forty-five minutes sessions. Showing up. Persevering. Still fighting a cold and I have so much to do still to get ready for the contest. So off to bed for me. No school tomorrow so I can sleep in a little. Yay. I made a to-do list. It’s pretty daunting but I can do it.



Took two daytime cold pills and a glass of Emergenc-C then hauled by butt to the bookstore where there aren’t any beds or couches to tempt me. Felt worse this morning so I’m trying to ride this wave of feeling not so crappy for as long as I can. Two sessions so far and it got me to the end of this revision for story 12 and I love it. I think I added in some nice layers, some nice echoes to the rest of the collection and I think I nailed the ending. Will send it to my group later today. Next up? Start revising from the beginning. As I do that, I think I will take notes for the synopsis and the character breakdown. Kill three birds with one stone.



I opened up what I thought was my current writing process journal and was shocked to see it ended in October. Then I searched and found that I had started a new one for 2012. So, here I am. Well, I made the March 15 deadline. Wrote for nine hours that last day. There was a tornado warning that evening. I hauled my laptop to the basement for  awhile, came back upstairs once it was clear. A terrible tornado devastated Dexter though. I managed to finish everything and hit submit by about 7:30, well before the midnight deadline. And, yes, a few tears escaped as I hit send. Part of it was relief at making the deadline after a few months of intense work and the other part was just sheer gratitude and amazement that I had done it. A story that started in a writing workshop probably seventeen years ago, based on the prompt of a black and white photo of two young girls by Sally Mann had turned into this huge project, a novel that I wrote. It was humbling and so immensely satisfying.



Typing is not my thing. I kind of hate it. Not writing. Typing. And I am in the typing phase of my next project. It’s a novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years ago. Since then I’ve written many many pages in the voices of my characters based on writing prompts. So I am taking all my notebooks, finding all the entries related to this project and typing them up.

I’m considering adding a page to my blog devoted to my writing process. I’d be posting these entries. Still trying to decide if they’d make me feel too exposed or if they would be just plain boring to anyone who isn’t me. Personally, I adore reading about other writers’ writing process. Love getting a glimpse into that secret world.

What doesn’t help my process? The venti iced soy chai I had earlier. Way too much caffeine and sugar for me. I had cut way way back on them but today it’s in the 80’s and I’m going out tonight and it just sounded yummy. But, it’s left me a little too jittery. As if my mind isn’t already too scattered and jumpy all on its own, two qualities not conducive to writing. Lucking I am basically just typing.

I’m struggling with the same issues for this novel as I did when I tried revising it earlier. The structure. From the beginning I knew the structure of “Learning Curve(the novel I submitted to the contest). I knew it would be told in parts and each part would be  a different variations of her name that Martha Jane takes as she grows up. I knew that it would be a novel-in-stories. But this project, not so clear yet. I have several characters whose story needs.wants to be told. Not sure if it’ll be alternating first person chapters or if it’ll be more omniscient. I’ve even written a chapter from the sister’s POV as a YA novel. I’m hoping that the right structure emerges as I continue to show up and transcribe what I’ve already written.


Did a free-write on a prompt from Grace’s POV then typed it up. I can see that I am overwhelmed by the amount of pages I have that need to be typed up. As Anne Lamott says, take it bird by bird, or in this case, page by page. I think this is the way I need to approach this project. I’ll keep at it until/unless another way presents itself. But this way, at least I am making some sort of progress. It gets the characters roaming around in my consciousness again and that is always a good thing. I was thinking it would be fun to create a kind of art journal/scrapbook with images from magazines of how they look to me, what the house looks like, the rooms, etc… any image that might speak to this story even if i don’t know exactly how when I pull it.


Wrote some morning pages and a blog post. Then I made a list of all my works-in-progress and read through some of what I have for each on the computer. I don’t remember writing a couple scenes and they are really good. It’s nice that I have so much to choose from, I guess. I am really drawn to Otter’s voice. To that whole story. Still not sure how to handle the POV but I have to trust that i twill come to me if I keep showing up. So, I guess I continue with what I had originally planned which is to type up all the pieces I have from all the different notebooks and get it all in one file to see where I’m at. I’m kind of overwhelmed at how much typing I have to do so i think I was looking for a different project. Typing as i write is one thing but I really hate transcribing pages of my barely legible handwriting which is why I really need to get in the habit as Priscilla Long suggests of typing up every handwritten piece immediately so they don’t build up like this. Hindsight, baby…

3:51 PM

Typed up about six pages from one of my notebooks. Read through a few of the pages at the end. There might be a structure hidden within the notebooks. Many time I took a prompt and either wrote it from each POV and/or something from a previous prompt echoed in the next one. So certain scenes are like a prism, seen from each character’s perspective. That could be interesting.

To Do still:

–  finish typing scenes from this notebook

–  find other notebooks with entries about these characters and type them up

–  look on desktop computer for any files relating to this story, get it all together and backed up

–   find scene I typed up starting with Lucy at the funeral

–  print out what I have. Look for a structure. Make notes.

–  start journal/scrapbook for notes, overheard conversations, observations, images from magazines of what the characters look like, what the rooms look like etc…




Still typing in pages from my notebook. Almost 23 pages so far. There are probably more notebooks for me to find. So nothing from the above list can be crossed off yet but I am making progress and that’s something.


Just finished typing in all the pages from one notebook. I have about 32 typed pages now. Not sure how many more bits and pieces are lurking in other notebooks. That’s my next task, I suppose. I also need to think and play with POV. Many of these pieces fluctuate between third and first for the same characters. I am still drawn to Antonya Nelson’s novel and how she used POV to get in the heads of all the characters without separating them by chapters.

More to do:

–  spell check new material

–  print it out

–  read up on POV (Nelson novel “Living to Tell”/writing books)


I love when I stumble across an old story and find myself totally swept up in it. I grabbed a piece of scrap paper before leaving today to print out a coupon. The paper was part of a story I’d written, “Silhouette of Florida.” I’m pretty sure it’s really close to being done. I know my group has read it and I need to find their comments. I saw a few things that need to be fixed. Thinking I could submit it to “One Story” since they liked my previous submission.

To do:

– find comments from group on “Silhouette of Florida”

–  revise/finish “Silhouette of Florida”

–  submit it

–  find comments from group on”Monsoon Season”

–  revise/finish “Monsoon Season”

–  submit it

–  submit “Guarding Henry”

–  find “Being Franny’s Sister” latest draft and latest comments

–  check out realsimple.com/rsbookclub to see about applying to be a reader reviewer

–  find printed pages of Otter novel/print what has been printed yet

–  read it with an eye for voice/structure

–  read ‘From where you dream” to see if that will help in the writing of this novel


LOVE the scene where Lucy calls Ian to ask what his favorite color is (Chapter One- Otter)



Morning pages. typed up another Lucy section. Spell-checked all the new material. Lots of dyslexic typos:) As I glanced through the pages I began to see how certain scenes overlapped from different POV’s. That could be a structure. Once I land on the right voice/structure I think it will all flow much easier. Not seamlessly but easier, for sure.

Starting to work with “A Writer’s Portable Mentor” again. The fifteen -minute write is perfect for summer. I did that and typed it up so this way I won’t end up with pages and pages to type up all at once seeing how I actually hate typing.


Writing Goals for today:

–  Morning pages

–  15 minute writing practice

–  type it up

–  write up Stephen King book reflection

–  visit and comment on two blogs


Here’s how I know that I am settling into a particular story: I start writing in scenes. Much of my writing practice comes out as strong character voices but it is mostly internal monologues. When I look up and find myself slightly disoriented from being lost in writing a scene, I know I am working on the right piece. It doesn’t matter if I change tense or POV, as long as it is a scene. I discover more of the story. Scenes unearth the story and characters for me.


I’ve written since that last time I wrote here. Not everyday which is okay, It’s summer. I’m doing this novel thing where I am giving myself a break. I’ve been doing a 15-minute writing practice session that focuses on my current WIP then I type it up immediately just as Priscilla Long suggests. I have a couple of chapters that seem to be working though I am not completely convinced that I have the POV/Voice/Structure nailed down yet. But I will have something to show my group by the end of July and maybe their feedback can help me figure it out.


Another session of morning pages followed by a 15-minute writing practice session from Grace’s POV. Typed it up. There might be something useful in it. Not sure yet. Maybe in the last paragraph which is where I grounded the writing in her body, using her senses. This routine will get me through the summer without losing the thread of the story. Just keep showing up, writing into the story, into the characters and once my summer slows down I can sink back into the work and find the structure and voice that it desperately needs. But for now, this is enough.



Morning pages. 15-minutes writing practice from Otter’s POV. Typed it up. Think there’s a useful scene in there.

To do:

–  post Books Read in May/June to blog

–  clean office/desk

–  do something in sketchbook

–  post Writing Process journal

–  find draft and comments for “Silhouette of Florida”

–  get stories together to submit

–  read  poems

–  read Maureen’s essay

Friday, January 30, 2015

Huge gap here, huh? No biggie. I apparently needed to keep track of my process back then, then I didn’t. Maybe I do again. Who knows? I was on such a roll with my WIP before the November. 750 words a day, 5 days a week. Then I got distracted by the holidays and have basically neglected it since then. But now that I jumping back in, tracking my process and progress may be helpful.

Morning between 7 – 8:45

– 3 morning pages

– Set Freedom for 30 minutes

– 454 words on WIP

12:00 – 1:00

– 500 word blog post in response to today’s prompt

4:30 – 5:15

– Shared on social media

– Created blog post


I’ve been writing every single day since January first of last year! This year I am writing at least 500 words on  my current WIP Monday – Friday, then I can write on it on the weekend if I want, or blog posts or morning pages. Anything that gets pen to paper.

I wish I had thought to keep this process journal updated all that time. Some days are great, some days or even weeks are like slogging through quicksand.

I am teaching 11 yoga classes this week and was exhausted yesterday but I showed up and got my 500 words done. Today, a new character entered the story, a character who complicates things which is always a plus. And I crossed the 5oK threshold. Onward!

Word count: 50, 160


Woke up thinking about this story, about the characters. That’s aways a good sign. The more I write, the more enmeshed I get in the story and the lives of the characters so that even when I am not physically writing, stuff is still percolating.

Word count: 50, 700


The more I write, the more comfortable I am getting (out of necessity) with not knowing. A new character entered the story yesterday. As I wrote a scene with her today, I realized  I have no idea what her deal is. Like, none. But all I can do is keep following the crumbs the story is dropping for me. Maybe it will lead somewhere, maybe it’ll be a dead end. The thing is, I won’t know until I write it.

Managed to reach above my goal this week even though I taught 11 classes instead of my usual 7. Yay, me!

Word count: 51, 418



































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    • Ha! Thanks, Patti:) Back then I needed to process my process for some reason. I think it helped keep me accountable or something. I can look back and what works for me and what doesn’t. I may start updating it again…

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