Checking in with my Writing Intentions


I typed up my writing intentions at the beginning of the year.

It reads:

My writing life will continue to flourish in 2014 by showing up daily to my creativity and writing; being comfortable with not always knowing what comes next; allowing myself to play; giving myself permission to succeed or fail; being presnt to and grateful for the process.

It has sat on my meditation altar all year. Some days I read it; many days passed when I did not. But it was always there. Always present.

Somehow, some way the energy of that intention seeped into my consciousness and has manifested in me actually sitting down five days a week to write.

I finally committed and bought Mac Freedom which allows me to disable my internet access for up to eight hours. Creating that little bubble of distraction-free time has resulted in several thousand new words in the last three weeks. Today, I upped my minimum daily quota from 500 to 750 words.

I can always write more than the minimum but if I skip a day I must make it up the next session.

By showing up each day to my WIP, not only are the pages stacking up , but all of the things I intended at the beginning of the year are happening:

I am showing up daily.

I am getting much more comfortable with not knowing what comes next. Most mornings I sit down and wonder what happens next. That used to keep me from sitting at my computer at all.

I am allowing myself to play with words, to follow threads of story and plot to see where they lead.

I am free to succeed and/or fail. I think fear of both used to keep me away from the page.

I am present to the ebb and flow of the process, knowing that some days the words may be crap, other days they may flow.

And, lastly, I have become incredibly grateful for the whole process. Grateful for the time and tools. Grateful for the process of showing up and doing the work. Grateful for all the ways that creative energy I generate then spills into other parts of my life, enriching and nourishing them in ways I hadn’t expected.


3 thoughts on “Checking in with my Writing Intentions

  1. What a lovely idea to create an intention like that as you have done. I don’t have any written intentions, but like you, I am committed to writing at least five days a week, and I try to get in at least 30 hours of logged writing hours–these include working on my WIP, blogging, swapping stories for feedback with others, and even reading that is related to the craft of writing. Pretty broad, but it’s all what I think of as ‘the writing life.”

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